Paving & Drives like any other surface are susceptable to nature, becoming grubby and weedy over time.


We have options

Liquid Clean, the perfect and cheaper solution for most path's, patio's gravel areas and many drives.

Liquid clean cleans the surface dirt by breaking it down ready for removal.

Alternatively we offer a Deep clean pressure washing service which gets between the gaps in block pavers making it suitable for the really dirty tasks. Take a look below for more details.


Our prices are clear and transparent with bolt on optional services you can add to our basic package.


Liquid Clean

Liquid clean is faster, more efficient, more flexible, uses less water & is gentler on surfaces than Pressure washing while producing excellent results and can even be used to clean gravel areas & stone work. 

Price List


Area to be cleaned


Light to Medium dirt deposits

Heavy Dirt deposits

After wash weed killer

up to 40m £100 £110 £20
up to 80m £170 £190 £25
up to 120m


£270 £30
up to 160m £300 £340 £35
  • Will not remove stains such as paint, rust, oil etc
  • Will not remove heavy soil deposits or lichen growth
  • Moss removal can be carried out for an additional fee


Pressure Washing

Our flat surface high pressure disc cleaner will penetrate between the joints of block paving, removing old sand and debris so it's great for drives that have been neglected.



Price List

  Size of drive Pre clean weed killer application Basic pressure clean with a pre wash treatment Jointing sand top up Driveway sealant 6 Month Algae wash  
  1 car drive up to 30m £50 £140 £50 £110 £50  
  2 car drive up to 60m £70 £220 £70 £180 £70  
  3 car drive up to 90m £85 £300 £90 £220 £85  
  4 car drive up to 120m £100 £380 £110 £270 £100  





If you have weeds in your drive you might want to have a weed killer application carried out prior to cleaning. The cleaner will strip the growth from a drive but won't kill the roots resulting in regrowth of most of the weeds.


Pre treatment either self applied (always follow product instructions) or by us around 2 weeks in advance with a Glyphosate based weed killer will kill the roots prior to cleaning.

    The Wash

We use a very high powered petrol pressure washer and a large surface cleaner to get your driveway clean quickly and efficiently. The surface cleaner is gentle on joints but tough on dirt.


Please note that some stains such as oil and paint as well as deeply established lichen may not be removable without the use of acidic cleaners which we do not use for due to thier environmental impact.

Jointing Sand

Over time jointing sand can become erroded by the elements, weed pulling and from cleaning. Jointing sand is important to maintain stability of the blocks.


Topping up the sand is a straight forward process you may choose to do yourself.


Simply brush Kiln dried sand into the joints on a dry day using a broom. You probably won't need much sand, a 25kg bag goes a long way. 




Adding a Sealant after cleaning creates a barrier against moisture.


This will help keep your drive cleaner for longer by making it harder for dirt and stains to grip the blocks it also reduces weed, algae and lichen growth both in the joints and on the block surface.


Sealed surfaces may be more slippery in wet or icy conditions.

  Algae wash

We sugest an Algae wash between 6 & 12 months after cleaning.


The wash helps to remove fresh grime as well as protect the drive from new Algal growth.


It's simply sprayed on and left to break down natural deposits before being safely washed away by rainfall. 

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